Monday, October 26, 2015

A Fall Leaves Walk

Hello! This is Brooklyn. The other day my friends Kaya and friend Felicity came over. we decided to talk a walk in the neighborhood where I live. Here is some pictures from it!

                                    What a cool log!

                     The fall leaves were everywhere!

                              Rolling down a big hill!

This tree was great for climbing and looks like something from a movie!

                      I like this picture best!

There is a river on my street, and it was beautiful!

This little abandoned cabin is cute, isn't it?

This is also my favorite. Isn't it a lovely view?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beck's Birthday Bash

 Hello, this is Rebecca. Yesterday was my birthday!I turned eleven. I had a party with my friends Caroline, and Grace, and my sisters.

First we had a three-legged-race! Kirsten was the judge.

 Grace and I fell down. Whoops!

Caroline and Brooklyn were glad they won.

Then we played a balloon game where you have to throw the balloon to another person and they have to catch it. They fell on the ground a few times.

 Then we went inside, and gathered around the table for presents.

I saw Grace sneak a piece of candy off the table!

First I opened my present from Caroline. It was to beautiful headbands! I like the cheetah print one.

From my sisters I got a red ruby bracelet! I love it.

                      Then Grace handed me her present.

 It was a new bag and the Molly book! I had always wanted that book. I thanked my friends for all the great gifts.

Kirsten then brought a beautiful cake to the table. Everybody shrieked with delight!

             It was green with pink roses on it.

                                  I got the very first piece!

                                                                What a fun party!

Out Takes 

This is Annah. I had a lot of fun making this post- with help from a few of my friends! Molly has the gray coat and Josie is in the pink. Just some behind the scene photos for you! Rebecca fell over in the picture above! Whoops!

Molly caught me sneaking a candy just like Grace did!

 It was hard to get the dolls to stand up!

Molly did great cutting the cake!

                                         Selfie time!

After the post, Molly, Josie and I had a little party of our own!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Fun Fall Day

Hi! Brooklyn here. Today my sisters and I played a lot outside. It was so much fun!

First we played Robin Hood, and we used sticks for swords! It was great. 

Rebecca was very determined to climb the hill in our backyard, so Kirsten and I decided to do it with her. We fell down a few times, though.

 But somehow, we did it! We all collapsed tiredly when we reached the top. I loved climbing that hill!

When we went inside, we had warm apple cider and animal shaped biscuits fresh from the oven, while we talked about are fun fall day!